We are a staffing agency focused on hospitality personnel. We work every day to match people looking for work with: Hotels, Banquet Halls, Universities, Event Spaces and more. Whether you are looking for work in the service industries or you are a business that need talented, qualified people to grow or operate, we can help.

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What we do…

 A1A is a premier staffing company that  provides a high level professional staff for the hospitality industry, commercial and household services.


Our workforce

All personnel placed by A1A go through a rigorous screening and training process that gives them the opportunity to  develop their skill levels to provide our clients a high level of  service.



A1A forms partnerships with its clients to be  able to understand the clients specific demands and develop a customized  program around that to assure proper support and service. 


Quality & Compliance At Your Fingertips

As the leading staffing agency in South Florida, A1A provides a superior, reliable, motivated workforce every day.

We offer:

  • Room Attendants
  • Housemen
  • Janitorial
  • Maintenance/Engineering/Handymen
  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Banquet Set-up
  • Event personnel
  • Crowd Control
  • Traffic Directors